Frank Mascetti – Founder & Principal

Technical Resources Corporation, founded in 1993 by Frank Mascetti, is a Manufacturers’ Rep firm which specializes in manufacturing, inspection, and synergistic products for the electronics assembly industry. Mr. Mascetti holds a B.S.E.E. from the University of Maryland and has worked for such companies as Northrop Grumman (Baltimore), Racal Milgo (Miami), GenRad and Marconi Instruments before founding TRC.

The combined resources in our company provide more than 90 years of experience serving the electronics industry in Florida, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic since 1982.


TRC Business Philosophy:

– Know our customers’ unspoken needs: “listen to what they want…deliver what they need”

– Provide our customers with the highest quality products and services available, through our knowledge-based decisions.

– Provide synergistic and complimentary product offerings, thus providing “total, integrated solutions”.

– Understand our role in our customers’ organizational chart: “vendor”, “supplier”, “consultant”…a “technical resource.”



Frank Mascetti

Boca Raton: Headquarters

652 NE Francesca Lane

Boca Raton, FL 33487

Office: (561) 488-9064

Mobile: (561) 870-5824

Email: frank.mascetti@trcflorida.com

Brad Peters

Tampa Office

14423 Sassandra Drive

Odessa, FL 33556

Mobile: (813) 390-8019

Email: bradpeters65@outlook.com

John Feliciano

John Feliciano-Santiago

Puerto Rico Office

Suite 176

P.O. Box 4960

Caguas, Puerto Rico 00726-4960

Mobile: (787) 403=1707

Email: john@techreppr.com