Vitronics Soltec Soldering Solutions

Technical Resources Corporation specializes in assembly equipment for electronics manufacturers. Vitronics Soltec is our partner and the global leader in soldering systems with more than 100 years of soldering experience. They provide a broad product range of forced convection reflow, wave solder, and selective soldering machines to meet both your performance as well as budgetary requirements. From the most energy efficient and lowest PM reflow ovens to the most technologically superior wave solder systems to the most modular selective soldering machines, Vitronics Soltec has the product to meet your most challenging circuit board assemblies.

In the early 80’s, Vitronics Soltec was the dominant market supplier for “IR” reflow oven technologies. Today, they are the world’s largest and premier manufacturer of forced convection reflow systems, wave & selective soldering systems, with more than 12,000 installations, globally.  With over 100 years of soldering experience, Vitronics Soltec holds numerous patents (i.e., gas management, multi-zone thermal processing, source emitter panel, etc.) Pictured above, is the latest “Centurion” reflow oven featuring “AUTOSet” automatic profiling technology.  Pictured left, is the latest DELTA X wave soldering machine that has set the standards by which other machines are measured today. Pictured, right, is the latest ZEVAm selective soldering machine.


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Technical Resources Corporation also represents Speedprint Technology screen printers, Universal Instruments’ pick and place machines, GPD Global Precision Dispensing systems, Henkel Technologies solder chemistries, adhesives, conformal coating materials, FlexLink laser markers and conveyors, Takaya Flying Probe In-Circuit test systems, KIC thermal profiling systems, Koh Young 3D AOI and SPI systems, Pentagon EMS process carriers, Pacific X-Ray x-ray systems, Hentec-RPS Automation selective soldering systems, Specialty Coating Systems Spray Coating & Dispense Systems, AOI Systems low cost 2D AOI systems, Finetech rework and reballing systems, Nikon Metrology 3D X-Ray and CT Inspection Systems, Checksum In-Circuit and Flash Programming and LPMS USA low pressure moulding systems..