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FEBRUARY 21st, 2023

TRC is pleased to announce our new partnership with Garland Service Company, experts in precision machining, including PCB assembly tooling and fixtures, customer-designed tooling, precision parts, wash baskets and more. An ITAR registered supplier that can meet the critical requirements of our large avionics and mil/aerospace market segment. Our team spent 20 years working with another vendor and are looking forward to melding GSC's expertise with our local account base. The territory consists of the state of Florida, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

AUGUST 17th, 2022

TRC is pleased to announce that we have added even more content to our YouTube channel. Here, you will find numerous product demonstrations and training videos for the products that we represent.

FEBRUARY 14th, 2022

TRC is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Aegis Software to represent their software solutions for Manufacturing Excellence, including their latest FactoryLogix software platform in the territories of Florida, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

OCTOBER 25th, 2021

TRC is pleased to announce that we have partnered with XDry to represent their line of humidity controlled dry cabinet storage solutions in the territories of Florida, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

SEPTEMBER 9th, 2021

TRC is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Staticworx, the market leader in high performance ESD flooring solutions for the territories of Florida, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

MARCH 29th, 2021

Koh Young America Honored it's top Performing Partners. In the midst of a pandemic, Koh Young America had a virtual sales meeting event on March 22nd, 2021.

SEPTEMBER 4th, 2019

Koh Young America and TRC Celebrate a 15-Year Partnership. TRC was the first North American representative firm, hired in 2004.


Article: September, 2019 ``TRC Reflects on Industry 4.0 Facts and Fiction`` by i4.0 Today:

It's all the buzz in our industry today with the new Hermes and CFX standards, Industry 4.0, upstream and downstream data collection and closed loop technologies. What does it all mean and how do I get there from here? An interesting perspective for sure...


Article: 2015 ``Annual Rep and Distributor Review`` by Global SMT & Packaging Magazine - December, 2014:

Global SMT & Packaging interviewed top distributors and reps from around the world on the business climate for 2014 and what's in store for 2015. The picture is not the same in every territory, and covers business trends as well as technology trends in different regions from around the globe...


Universal Instruments:

the all new Uflex flexible automation platform is a scalable solution with a compact footprint, easily reconfigurable for all types of electronics assembly automation. Examples include: pick and place, clinch, dispensing, screw driving, labeling and more. Universal has a long history with hundreds of odd-form installations, dating back well over 15 years.

Koh Young:

KSMART Process Optimizer (KPO) is now available! KPO was developed to assist users with AI-aided tools to analyze and optimize the screen printing process by finding the optimal key printer parameters generated by state-of-the-art machine learning data modeling technologies. KPO can address snapoff, squeegee pressure, print speed and many other parameters, offering a virtual process engineer inside your printer!


the all new SPS, Smart Profiler features smart oven setups, connectivity to factory analytics, mobile device accessibility, and backed with a two-year warranty. Featuring Navigator auto prediction and the Auto Focus algorithm, you can get the virtual profile setup for your new product introduction without attaching a thermocouple!.

Koh Young:

the Neptune C+ DPI system is now available. Once again, Koh Young brings a revolutionary technology to the marketplace. The 3D Dispensing Process Inspection system utilizes a patented L.I.F.T. technology for non-destructive 3D inspection to precisely measure and inspect fluids that are wet or dry. L.I.F.T. utilizes near infrared (NIR) light to capture images through multiple layers of a fluid structure, albeit conformal coatings, moldings, underfills or other chemistries.


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Technical Resources Corporation represents Kurtz Ersa selective soldering, wave soldering, reflow and rework systems, Universal Instruments’ pick and place machines, GPD Global Precision Dispensing systems, FlexLink laser markers and conveyors, Takaya Flying Probe In-Circuit test systems, KIC thermal profiling systems, Koh Young 3D AOI and SPI systems, Specialty Coating Systems Spray Coating & Dispense Systems, Aqua Klean Systems in-line cleaning systems, Nikon Metrology 3D X-Ray and CT Inspection Systems, LPMS USA low pressure moulding systems, Staticworx high performance ESD flooring, XDry humidity-controlled dry cabinet solutions, AccuAssembly’s AccuLIFT reel storage systems, Garland Service Company wave/conformal coat/SMT tooling and Aegis software solutions for manufacturing excellence.